Revenue Sharing

There’s a general trend towards offering revenue sharing on websites that depend on community and visitor involvement. It’s a good way to get visitors engaged. The primary method of doing this is by inserting other peoples’ AdSense or Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) publisher codes into the ad code on pages that they should be credited for. This is easily done with dynamic website scripting (PHP/MySQL). This idea has been around for awhile – I believe it originally began with forums – but today it’s growing at a rapid pace.

One of the main factors driving the widespread adoption of revenue sharing is the rise of Blog Networks. I’ve joined with FineFools (9rules), and they offer their writers the revenue generated from their pages. I think this is a good idea, as it’s revenue that they otherwise would not have made. It runs from a WordPress-based system. I’d like to implement such a system on at some point.

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