Where’s this song from?

This is a funny Flash animation that’s been circling the net for awhile… but I think I’ve heard the tune somewhere. What other (non-comedy) song has a similar tune to this? Does anyone know?

She Blocked Me (*.swf file, 1.6 MB)

Met a girl over the net
Saved our chats on a floppy diskette
It went well for a week or two
Then it all came unglued
One night she said “brb”
Waited up for an hour or three
Then I started to realize
She wasn’t coming back online

She frickin’ blocked me
She frickin’ blocked me
La la la la
We talked all night
Then she put my screen name on her block list
Then she clicked ok

She told me she was taking a shower
And she’d be back in a half hour
But she pulled one over on me
I was ticked, but not convinced
Had to be sure before my ego was minced
Good thing I’m such a whiz
Signed on with my other name and yup, there she is

3 Responses to “Where’s this song from?”

  1. mi_ka_san says:

    She hates me…. Puddle of mud isn’t it ?


  2. michael says:

    do u know the link for the make-fun of song? if u could send it to [email protected] i would be very thankful

  3. jessi says:

    hi it is she hates me by puddle of mud. they are the best!!!!!!!!!!

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