Biking and Harry Potter

For tonight’s Midnight Message™, we’ll take a look at today’s main events: riding my bike for a little while, and watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (the DVD) while eating dinner. I woke this morning late, as usual, and ate a bao for breakfast. Then I took to reading An Artist of the Floating World, a textbook for Core 102 with Prof. Lemon. Indeed, this is mainly what I was doing all day: reading the book.

My sister’s bike had a flat rear wheel, and it wouldn’t hold air. So my mom took it to a bike shop and got it fixed. From there we went out for some bike riding. My two sisters and I rode our bikes, while my parents threw around a small football for fun. I was out for maybe 20 minutes, and that was my exercise for the day. After reading more Artist of the Floating World (an excellent and entertaining book, by the way), Amy and my dad went to Blockbuster to rent a movie because we had a coupon / certificate or something. Between Bewitched and Harry Potter, we chose the Prisoner of Azkaban. It’s rated PG and is a great movie, actually. Although we had some lively debate over the paradoxes of time travel, which plays a central role in the plot. Whether it’s possible or not, reasonable or not, practical or not, inconsistences etc. Great stuff.

To end the day, I’m going to finish reading Artist. At 206 pages, it should be possible to read in a day. So far, I love it. The dialog is great. Indeed, I wouldn’t mind speaking just like the characters in this book do.

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