Laser is Better

I was walking down the hall listening to my inkjet printer cranking away, and a peculiar thought struck me. LASERs are astounding (LASER = Light Amplification Of Stimulated Emission Of Radiation, I looked it up, didn’t memorize it). Really. Think about this for a moment.

Think inkjet printers are good? (Yeah, compared with dot matrix.) Hey! Laser printers are better, faster, sharper.
Think optical mice are good? (Yeah, compared with analog ball mice.) Hey! Laser mice are better, more precise.
Think contact lenses are good? (Compare with glasses.) Lasik is more comfortable.
Cutting tools and knives. Lasers are better.
Pointing sticks and meter sticks. Lasers are better.
Rulers and measuring tape. Lasers are better.
Fabricating small stuff. Lasers are good. (Chemicals might be better, but I think lasers are still required in the process.)
Measuring the speed of light. Lasers are better.

These are just things from the top of my head -> I’m sure there are more examples. What do you think?

[By the way, I would like a laser mouse for Christmas ;) ]

2 Responses to “Laser is Better”

  1. ShadowChild says:

    You dont get a laser mouse? What a bummer…..

  2. Tony says:

    laser guns are cooler than real guns

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