Pool, Bible Study, Web Development

In this edition of the Midnight Message™, I’ll be writing a few sentences about a very exciting day. It has really been packed, but I don’t want this to run too long. First, I went to sleep at about 4 AM (looks like that might happen again tonight), waking at about 9 AM for 5 hours of sleep (my goal is at least 6). Then I had my last Core 111 class session. It was fun: we presented our “creative” A7 projects (mine is this – hopefully I’m allowed to post the link, it’s a static page). Then I went to Parkside for lunch before my Math 126 lecture. Only two left now. We completed professor evaluations for Prof. Honda at the end of class today. It’s both depressing and exciting that there’s only one week of classes left. It has gone by so fast, it will be strange when it’s over. 15 weeks.

Core 102 was as usual, and then I wasted a little time on the computer before going to a Math SI session with Zenzi. It was helpful, but it made me late for Deans’ Dinner (the first time I tried to go, but the rear door was locked). I went through the normal EVK entrance and went into the “special event” room anyway, and talked with Natasha, Mo, and then Jason M. Then I played Pool (for the first time here) with Mo and a girl named Cheng Yee. I won, unfortunately. But it was really awesome. I like pool. It’s another sport at which I can excel.

Back upstairs in Marks Hall, I talked with Kipp, Art, J.Lo, and a student named Nick who lived in Marks last year (currently a junior). Kipp was ‘baking’ cookies (from raw cookie dough) in his microwave on a paper plate. He tried running it under the lowest setting, 1, for a long time. The cookie came out looking done, but it wasn’t too successful: he said it didn’t taste all that great. Then I went to the last Marks Hall Bible Study of the year, where we reviewed all of the passages we’d studied for the past 14 weeks. Very insightful. Then we went on our last Boba trip (to Cup O’ Joy). I had small milk tea with egg pudding! Yeah, I tried something new. It was good: like custard.

We stayed there talking longer than usual. J.Lo got popcorn chicken #5 (incredibly hot), but Janice ordered a popcorn chicken #0 (now that’s good stuff). She shared it with me: I estimate eating about 45% of the order, and it was more than enough. Back at USC again, we talked for a long time about school, Christianity, and — get this — website development (with Janice). Finally someone who knows the difference between tables (vs frames) and div layers, XHTML and CSS. Awesome! We’ll have to talk again and work together sometime in the future. Eventually we headed to Mike’s room (next to mine) where we played Disney Princess games. It was funny. I’m Belle, along with Christie and J.Lo.

During all this time, my roommate, Kedar, has been sleeping. In fact, he’s been sleeping all day. Though I don’t blame him: he didn’t sleep at all last night. But what’s strange is that he sets his alarm. It goes off, and he ignores it until I yell at him, at which point he just turns the alarm off and goes back to sleep. Anyway, now I’ve got a week’s worth of Calculus homework to do in one evening. Argh.. ‘homework’ has a way of messing things up :)

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  1. Sam Park says:

    You won, unfortunately. Haha

  2. Katy says:

    What a life! I tell ya, you have the best life…

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