AGO Mocktail

I went to the Row for the first time two nights ago. It was with AGO, the Christian fraternity. It was awesome because I went with J-Lo and we both had a Strawberry Daiquiri. Also, we dressed up in suit and tie, and I borrowed Jon/Michael Stalcup’s clothes because I didn’t bring my own formal clothes to school. I’ll need to remember them for next semester.

Unrelated: five days ago (last Friday) I woke up with a sore/stiff neck (couldn’t turn my head to my right). I was hoping I’d wake up the next day and it would be gone, but instead, it gradually faded away. I think it’s now completely gone. This has been another MM though not at Midnight.

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  1. Sam Park says:

    My neck and shoulders hurt too from sleeping. Two days ago I could barely look straight in front of me.

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