It’s a small web after all

I was reading my email when I got a marketing email that mentioned iSubmitWeb. So I went to their site and clicked to see their Case Study. From there I went to their case study’s site, Now in the mood to think about SEO, and remembering something I once typed about one of my websites, I search for the #1 * according to google in, you guessed it, Google. This brought up 13 million results, the first ones of which were exactly what I had in mind. I clicked the first result, a site called “over my med body” at The site said: ‘she’s the #1 Danah according to Google’, so I went to Google’s results page for Danah. From the first result I went to her blog, which has a short blub about her and a link to her school’s site, SIMS at UC Berkeley. On the right menu bar (“highlights”), it said “Mitch Kapor speaks at SIMS” as the first entry. The name was familiar, so I clicked it and read about Mr. Kapor. It said he is “President of the Open Source Applications Foundation”, so I went to their site. Now I recognized this as the place where my cousin Ted Leung works. I went to “People”, then scrolled down to “Ted Leung – Development” where I found a link to his blog, a place that I’ve also linked to in my blog sidebar.

The way things are connected astounds me.

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