Memoirs of a Geisha, Chronicles of Narnia

What a weekend. After not seeing any movies for months, I went and saw two movies in one day (though one was a midnight showing). Friday evening, I went to Shirley and Jenny’s room and talked for a bit. Jenny suggested the idea of going out for a movie. Later, a little after 10 pm, Shirley told me about the plan to go to see a movie at the Grove, 11 pm or 12 midnight showing of Memoirs of a Geisha. Eric drove, and Albert was also there. Jenny ended up not coming due to illness (get well soon!). Anyway, the movie was sold out at the Grove, so we went to ArcLight and caught the midnight showing.

Awesome movie. I’ve never read the book, but Memoirs of a Geisha is now topping my list of books to read. It’s not only a great story, but also great acting with memorable characters. It’s just really engaging all the way through. At first, it’s difficult to follow, but this just made me pay more careful attention to everything in the movie. As the movie progresses, all questions are answered and soon it’s completely clarified. I really liked this movie, and I’m going to add it to my list of favorites.

So I slept at about 3:30 am and woke at 7 am to get ready for Narnia. It’s an event sponsored by my church, the Evangelical Free Church of Walnut, at AMC 20 Puente Hills. My dad arrived at about 8 am and we drove over to arrive before 9 am. I met Joseph Yeh there, the friend I invited. He doesn’t attend church, but he has gone to some fellowships. I was really glad he liked the movie, too. It’s violent, but not overly so. The violence is really just right. It conveys the story very well, and it’s a great movie too. I really enjoyed it, and I’m adding it to my list of favorite movies; just under Memoirs.

Today I took my family to eat at EVK (Everybody’s Kitchen, the Evil Kitchen, or Elizabeth Von KleinSchmid). Food just as usual, and we ran into several of my friends, of course. Notably, my roommate, Mike from across the hall, Christi Wong, and John Shook. I introduced them to the wide selection of food and we tried lots of it. I left slightly early to attend a math 126 review session (the last half), and then at 9 pm I went with Mike and Kipp to go play football at Cromwell field. We walked over, and found that the gates were mostly locked. But there were people on the field. Strangely, it was extremely foggy. I’ve never seen so much fog concentrated at ground level in a single place. I mean, it definitely wasn’t foggy anywhere else. Only on the field. Anyway, we went to an open entrance and played for about 40 minutes. Good exercise. Now I’m back and I’m going to study.

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  1. prying1 says:

    The Narnia series is one of my favorite reads. – (over 50 and I’ll read them for the 5th-6th time soon) – Now I’m jealous (is that a sin) that you got to see it before I did.

    I’m anxious to compare it with the 2 other videos I’ve seen. One cartoon and the other BBC.

    I’m hoping that they will do ALL the books of the series. One can only hope.

  2. ann says:

    i’ve seen the Chronicles of Narnia:The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and yes, I liked it too! couldn’t get enough actually… i saw a video of an earlier version (from a series, i think it’s the one by BBC) and this film version was way better! salute to the producers, director, and especially to the young actors… now, i’m thinking about reading the other books in the chronicles.. i just hope there’d be more about “kings” Peter & Edmund and “queens” susan and lucy in the other books/chapters. hopin for more to come…. i think the play (portrayal) between good and evil was “balanced”.. and the significance of justice and honesty- even the kids would have to appreciate it! my thanks to author CS Lewis for creating Narnia and sharing it’s magic with us ‘lesser’ mortals! (“,)

  3. ann says:

    by the way, the Chron. of Narnia (the lion…..) tops my favorite movie for this 1st month of january.. followed by ZATHURA.. my thanks again to elliot lee!

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