Anything Audio Becomes Video

Radio first, then TV. Audio tape, then videotape. CD, then DVD. Music iPod, then video iPod. Audio podcasting, then video podcasting. Audio blogging, then videologging.

Before that, there was text. Writing, books, newspapers, magazines. Of course, text and audio still have their place. But video is growing at an accelerating pace.

If one can spot these trends ahead of the curve, many new opportunities are available. It doesn’t guarantee success, of course. But what if you could say that you invented videoblogging?

2 Responses to “Anything Audio Becomes Video”

  1. Kate says:

    What you said is very true. I could hardly believe it when they started making duel cds, with a dvd on one side and a cd on the other. I can only predict what will be coming out next, I just hope no one ever forgets the importance of literature. So many people today could tell you exactly how to hook up a dvd player, but so many couldn’t tell you where the index of a book is located, nevertheless what it is. We can only hope that one day people will wake up and realize that the life they live does not revolve around the technology that is provided for them.

  2. Elliot says:

    Entertainment is becoming more immersive. But there will be a point when it simply can’t grow any more.

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