Christmas break ending

Fortunately, I still have a week left. But it’s going fast. My sister begins school today. Aaron has another week, like me, so I suspect we’ll be hanging out. But I also have other things I want to do before the break ends. Let’s think…

  1. Websites for USCR and USC Chess
  2. My mom’s website, Katy Lee
  3. Play piano daily
  4. Read some books
  5. Clean up my room

Can you think of anything else?

Seeing as how this is a midnight message, I’ll continue with a summary of my day. I woke at 1 pm, ate lunch, did a little work and then went out to CompUSA to get the ViewSonic display I’m looking at now. We continued the trip with a drive to Best Buy, because we have gift cards from Christmas to use there. But we didn’t find anything we really liked. We narrowed it down to James Bond: From Russia With Love (GameCube) and/or Mario Kart DS, but I didn’t really want either one, so we didn’t get them. Amy wanted Nintendogs, but they didn’t have that. And Audrey wanted a digital camera, but the best deal was sold out. Back at home, we watched Pirates of the Caribbean during dinner. I found the movie to be silly and contrived, and distrurbing in a sense. Still, the movie is fine. I’m going to try waking early this morning. I have some old computers that would like to be put to use. Additionally, I’m waiting for Fedex to come with my toy.

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  1. felipe says:

    MKDS! that game is so much fun!

    on another note, is a midnight message supposed to appear at 11 PM?

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