Don’t wear a new sweater on a nice shirt

Especially not a cardinal sweater on a white shirt.

I was dressing up to go to TCF (long story =) and lacked a jacket. It was really cold outside, so I decided to wear the new sweater that Gersh gave me from the 7th Man Club (tennis).

It’s really nice. It’s cardinal, though. And when I wore it on top of my nice white shirt, it put a layer of red fuzz all over it. And it looks terrible. I really hope this can be washed off. I’ll bring it home next time I go home.

This weekend is TCF’s Men’s Retreat with Campus by the Sea on Catalina Island. It should be fun! I’m going! We leave 5pm Friday and return by 2pm Sunday. No computer while I’m there, which means I’m going to miss at least one day of blogging!

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