Feed was dead

My XML feed was down! This makes me feel really sad. Why didn’t somebody tell me?!

When I upgraded to WordPress 2.0, I deactivated my plugins. Somehow, I forgot to activate the Feedburner redirection plugin. This resulted in the death of my Feedburner-powered feed. I am very disturbed. This happened at the end of December. A graph is worth some great amount of words…
Very depressing. Anyway, I’ve fixed it. It actually took a lot of effort because the Feedburner plugin didn’t work properly (even the latest 2.0.2 version). The redirected feed URL wasn’t working right with Feedburner. I couldn’t get the plugin to completely uninstall itself, even when I turned off redirection and disabled the plugin. As a result, my only choice (short of going into the database and deleting the plugin’s options data) was to hack the code.

I went into ol_feedburner.php and replaced all instances of feedburner_settings with feedburner_settings2. This effectively wiped out the old data, requiring the script to make new options. Works like a charm. Subscribe to my feed now! My goal is to have over 100 readers by the year’s end.

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  1. Michael says:

    Sorry. Don’t know enough about it to give you feedback. I think I signed up and received some notices. But when it stopped, didn’t think anything of it.

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