First Day at USC 2/8

I’m back at the University of Southern California, typing from my dorm room in Marks Hall. I was planning to write some kind of elaborate Midnight Message, but my roommate is already trying to sleep and the lights are off in my room. Further, I need to get some sleep myself: my first class occurs at 1 PM. Some things I need to remember:

  • Check on times for the Tennis class that I want to get into
  • Go to the Bookstore to look for organizational supplies (binders)
  • Find out which textbooks I need (haven’t gotten yet) and get them
  • Verify my 4-year plan to see which classes I really need to take in order to graduate in 4 years with no summer school (CECS without minor, though I’m considering the possibility of an Economics minor)

New year’s resolutions 2006

  1. Get organized. Last semester was crazy with only one binder; use a separate one for each class (at least the ones 3 units or more)
  2. Sleep early. I commit to sleeping earlier than 2 AM every night
  3. Don’t get embarrased. I will talk more and express myself so that I can get to know more people better

With that, I’m off to bed. First day of classes is tomorrow. By the way, the 2/8 refers to semester 2 out of 8.

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  1. […] I want to expand on my third new year’s resolution. Smile. My goal is to smile more. Not only does it make me happy, but it makes other people happy too. Often it makes me look silly. And so I hold it back. I’m embarassed and thus choose to hide my happiness. Or I’m not really happy and thus I don’t want to smile. But I want to change that. I’m going to smile no matter what. (Admittedly, that’s an exaggeration; I’m only going to try to smile a lot more.) […]

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