Google Community Temporarily Offline

Update: website is online at temporary location

Alright, I just got off a 21:13 minute phone call with GoDaddy support. The domain was accidentally charged back, and thus the receipt was canceled and the domain was removed from my account. This was a mistake. I decided to pay the $50 chargeback fee and the $30 domain recovery fee to ensure that the domain is returned as soon as possible. I really hope this works.

It will take up to 2 days for the domain to be returned to my account (this Saturday/Sunday). After that, I may have to set the nameservers back to mine.

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  1. mondine says:

    Ah, so that’s what happened.
    Thanks for putting this up. It’s good to have an answer for the multitude of confused members wandering about today that I’ve been bumping into.

  2. […] Tonight’s Midnight Message will be hard to write. Life is getting worse as school is getting closer. Some of it is inevitable. Other parts are just severe trials that are hitting me, and I’m struggling to fight back. Admittedly, they do not seem very crucial on the surface. But imagine all the lost opportunities, people, visitors, and the help I could have provided to so many people. All lost due to a stupid mistake. I don’t want to think anymore about this particular situation. Read more if you wish; as for me, I will continue with the rest of my day. […]

  3. Andylkl says:

    Thanks for letting us know about it. Really hoping it’ll be back online as soon as possible… >_

  4. andrew247 says:

    I feel better now that I know this. Thanks!
    Can’t wait until GC is back up and running again.

  5. says:

    i hope u get domain back.

    waiting to surf on

    best luck !!!!!!

  6. I thought maybe it was a propergation problem….. Knew you weren’t gone for good….. Hope it all works out and I’m sure it will…. Thanks for letting us all know what happened….

  7. janetit says:

    push up :-)

    hope everything just like before

    we need the


  8. Great the url works now! :D

  9. tommy says:

    Hi Elliot

    if you need some help, let me know, i have very good realtions to godaddy as i am long year custumer there with own servers pp.

    Good luck

  10. GoDaddy Screws everything up, I have multiple domains from them, their support is useless and they act like they could care less…

  11. mondine says:

    Hey, I see you have the all-members notification out. Cool.
    Thanks for the reassurance, and for taking the time to smooth out this bump in the road.

  12. meta says:

    how does an allegedly professional admin let such a monumentally disruptive thing happen over such petty sums? and investors are supposed to trust a brand that puts such ineptitude in charge of it’s global community building portal? GOOG to $600? that’s just bait for the suckers because the click fraud and other problems are going to come to light in ’06 … GOOG goes below $200 by ’08. smart money is selling in increments, beginning right now. remember, you were warned here, first, so hold at your own irrationally exhuberant risk.

    now, how much do you want to bet that bearers of bad news are CENSORED and this message doesn’t last more than an hour?

    Google’s real mantra: Don’t be evil, fascism will do.

    A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent [brandism,] nationalism, [corporatism,] and racism.

  13. sirlaguna says:

    Yeah hope the site’s back up soon!
    Thanks for the notification saying whats happening!

  14. Kieran Mullen says:

    Godaddy’s service is pretty crappy..

    Domain recovery fee?

    I agree it was a pretty lame thing to happy to such a large company.Why not just paid for the domain for the next 50 years…


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