Inteltop: Apple’s MacBook Pro

I was about to go to sleep, but then the news hit my mailbox. Apple has released the Intel-powered (“Inteltop”) MacBook Pro. It’s supposedly multiple times faster than the PowerBook G4, and is based on Intel’s latest dual-core processor. The new systems, according to the online store, won’t ship until February. Still, it’s tempting to order one, even if just for the awesomeness factor. Yet, the systems don’t look any different, so unless you told anyone, nobody would see it and think “Wow! Intel-powered Apple notebook!” Read more about the Apple MacBook.

Today I went to breakfast at EVK with Sam, Microeconomics (scoring 253 points in the little game), lunch at Malibu Subs for the first time, EE 101 with Ung (thinking of dropping it – what do you think?!), Honors Physics 161 with several people from Marks Hall, and dinner at Cafe 84. It was also dessert with the RA’s night, so I had a Falooda from Neil and clementines (in chocolate) with Caitlin upstairs.
Alright, time to sleep. I’ve got an 8 AM Physics lab tomorrow.

6 Responses to “Inteltop: Apple’s MacBook Pro”

  1. Katy says:

    You made it to breakfast! unbelievable!
    Falooda..what’s it like?

  2. Elliot Lee says:

    The Falooda is an Indian drink whose ingrediants are mainly:
    – Milk
    – Strawberry syrup
    – Short noodles
    – Seeds / “really small boba”
    – Ice cream (vanilla)
    Stir with a spoon. It’s pretty good.

  3. Simon Yang says:

    A well trained Apple geek like me can tell the difference :P

    The iSight camera, MagSafe, and the IR port are all easy visual cues.

  4. Tom says:

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    Classmates as well and dropped them due to Names Database.
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    • Linda says:

      Tom, if you think anything is private on the Internet,
      you have a suprise coming. There are alot of people who
      do try to get you to subscribe to their blogs btw.
      I’m a friend of D’s also. My advice to you is do not
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      • Tom says:

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        out my full name now as well.

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