WordPress VersionTwo

The WordPress team has released version 2.0 of the popular blogging software.

Some features really stand out for me, particularly because they solve problems I’ve encounted and/or improvements that are now built-into WordPress that previously required plugins. These are: faster administration, WYSIWYG editing (more on this later), spam and backup plugins, faster posting, post preview (not always 100% accurate), improved abstraction, built-in caching (“cuts the number of queries most pages do in half”), plugin hooks, and hundreds of bug fixes.

I’ve used WP 2.0’s new WYSIWYG editor, and while it’s awesome, I’m not fully impressed. I compared it with Xanga.com’s rich text editor, and I must admit that Xanga’s works better. For example, I can copy and paste a table directly out of my email or another website, and it works fine in Xanga. In WordPress, it looks like it worked: you can see it and everything. But when you publish, it’s gone. Only the top part of the table went through. I’m sure this depends on many factors (browser, HTML, etc.), but it worked in Xanga and not in WP, so all I can say is that there’s a little room for improvement. Also, the K2 theme plugin looks like an important one. I haven’t used it much yet, but it’s most likely going to join most (if not all) of my WP2 blogs.

Note: I am currently performing the upgrade process now. Blog may load erratically or unreliably until complete. Upgrading to the latest version of WP is now complete.

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