End of the Spear

We went to the mall yesterday and I hung out in Borders reading a guide to Narnia. Very interesting. It created in me a new appreciation for the Narnia series and for fantasy reading in general. It was very well-written and insightful; don’t judge a book by its cover (or its title).

Then we did what we’ve been planning for the last two days: went to watch End of the Spear. It was a most excellent movie. It is not your typical movie. You shouldn’t except anything like anything you’ve seen before. But I loved it. It is really amazing. I admit that I cried during the movie, and more than once. It’s great. I highly recommend it. Go see it, and get me a copy on DVD when it’s released =)

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  2. prying1 says:

    I heard an interview with the son of one of the men that was killed by the savages. I’ll agree it is a must see but I have not set up a time yet. Knowing me I’ll probably miss it on the big screen and have to get the DVD…

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