Blogs can be duplicated in other formats

This comment at Micro Persuation got me thinking. What “Ne0h” suggests is that bloggers can do more to reach the “AOL crowd.” That is, the world of people who aren’t advanced Internet users, but need content handed to them. What restrictions do blogs impose, and how can we overcome them? They’re hard to read, hard to access, hard to organize, easy to abuse, maybe. But the benefits far outweigh those negatives. Human control can’t solve these problems. Isn’t that what Yahoo tried with their original web directory? DMOZ with the open directory? There’s a lot more information than that, and human editors can’t keep up with the pace of the web, at least not the way they’ve been doing it up to now. With better tools, perhaps. Reminds me of the Google Rater Hub. Wikipedia is an example of “Web 2.0”, he says. That’s just a central place for information, though. That seems tob e what the web is all about. “The subjugating of the search engines through powerful community based websites.”

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