CSS Reboot, or USC Webfest?

The Webfest is due by the end of March, while the CSS Reboot is May 1st.

54 days to go until May 1st.” I’ve signed up for the Reboot.
Webfest: “Wednesday, March 29, 2006.”

I’ve also signed up for Webfest, a contest for USC students. I don’t expect to win; my site isn’t designed like those.. it’s not really made to show off. Well, I have much to do..

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  1. Leilani says:

    Hi, this is a little random but do you happen to know the results of Webfest? I wasn’t able to be at the actual presentation so I wasn’t sure if I placed or not. They haven’t updated the Webfest site and I haven’t gotten an email so I thought I would email you since you also entered. Thanks!

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