Google Loses to Yahoo

I spent a while trying to find a copy of the CSS Compress plugin for WordPress. is down, so I had to find a cached copy. I finally found it, with the URL:

I tried to look this up in Google.


No go. Google reports: “Your search … did not match any documents.” Google is my search engine. How could they fail me like this? Maybe it’s just too hard. The document has changed too often. The document did not have a high enough PageRank. I tried to rationalize it. But I also went to Yahoo and tried the same search.

Aha! It worked! Yahoo has a cached copy of that page! Thank God for competition.

Sorry, Google. You lose. Yahoo has a better index, more relevant results (which I reported about five months ago, and is still true), and more cached pages. I think Google needs my help. Really.

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