Google Pizza Ambassador for USC

It always bugged me that the Google Pizza Program reprented at UCLA, but not USC (list). Well, after a few email exchanges, I’ve been selected to be a Google Pizza Ambassador. And yes, I attend USC, so we’ll see when/if they update that list. I’m not sure whether they should write “USC” or “University of Southern California”. They put “UCLA”, but there’s another “USC” on the other side of the country, so that could be ambiguous. There are already a lot of “University of”s, so it wouldn’t be a break from the pattern for them to write it out. Either way.

So, it was pretty much a complete surprise because I didn’t receive a reply to my last email, in which I provided my name and address. I just received the two Fedex packages – one a large envelope, the other, a box – and opened them to find the Ambassador starter kit. There’s no T-shirt yet, but the enclosed letter says it’s “coming soon”, so I’m hoping it looks rad. (I never use “rad”, so I’ll explain: it’s slang for radical, not radian, and means “Excellent; wonderful,” according to the dictionary.)

I’m going to do a bit of research because not a lot of info was provided, and I want to pull off the best Google Pizza event ever (or at least the best possible). One thing to keep in mind is that it’s meant for CS students. I envisioned doing it in the Marks Hall lounge, but Marks Hall contains many non-CS students. That might be OK, I’m not sure. Marks Hall people would be invited if that’s the case, and hopefully we have a majority of CS (or CECS) students if that happens.

I’m going to create a dedicated Google Pizza page. Should I host it here, or in my USC webspace? I’ll opt for USC, just because it seems more official that way (and I’ve seen others host their pages in their U webspace, so it’ll fit in with the crowd). I’ll post a link here when complete.

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  1. […] My second act as Google Pizza Ambassador was a study break designed for CS 102 students. We have our final on Monday, two days from today. I sent an email to everyone in the CS 102 class, thanks to a grading sheet mailed to me by a TA, which listed everyone’s email address. However, only two people replied — although those two people did show up. We met from 4 to 6 PM, and I ordered two pizzas and a Sprite from the Papa John’s near USC. […]

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