Show All Comments?

Building on my previous post regarding the Paged Comments plugin, I’m debating whether to show an all comments link. It could be a good thing, but posts with lots of comments expand for multiple pages and thus would take a long time to load on a single page. That would eat bandwidth and slow down the server. Also, search engines could see it as duplicate content, even though it’s not really. I’ll leave it on for now, disable it later if I discover that would be a better option.

// Show all comments option
// ————————
// If enabled, visitors will have the option of choosing to see all
// comments on one page (ie. not paged). A ‘show all’ link will be
// displayed if this is enabled.
$paged_comments->show_all_option = true;

Update: Paged Comments are now in! One example of where this works rather well is the Motive Smartbridge post, currently with 128 comments. I just don’t understand why the comments look indented, though.

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