Successfully Transferred Google Desktop Search Index

Google Desktop Search has been improving at an insane pace. With most new versions, there is no announcement, no changelog, no version number. The setup file has grown in size from 1,353 KB on 8/24/2005 to 1,601 KB today, and this is all Google Desktop Search 3. I wanted to move my index file from my old GDS install (on a separate hard drive and separate Windows install), but all the GDS setups I did (I installed and uninstalled many different versions) created a folder called Google Desktop for the index folder instead of Google Desktop Search, like I had on my old computer. The index files didn’t seem to be compatible. At one point, GDS complained that the index was bad and crashed with an error message. Another time, it simply didn’t work. Eventually, I tried copying the files inside of that folder to a folder called cd0c044db4d3 within the Google Desktop folder. It worked! This is using the oldest version of GDS I could find on my machine. Thank goodness that I save old download files! That allows me to use older versions of software if needed. I’m going to try upgrading to the newest version of GDS now, and then installing the AdSense Monitor :)


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