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I’m finally going to follow up on my post from about 2 months ago, Too Many Websites. I sat down today and suddenly remembered a few sites that I love, but don’t have time for – and so the’ve been growing stale for about a year. All it takes is for someone to put some attention and planning into it, and I know they can grow into useful and interesting sites. Here’s the list so far: (including the GizmoBytes Forums – includes a vBulletin owned license) (includes domain name, currently redirecting to the .com. IPB 1.3 forum with 300+ members) (includes domain name. For a short time I ran the GizmoBytes forums here)

I will be contacting those who commented on the last post first.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006 update
Adding to the list. It’s a website from a client who doesn’t want it anymore. Comes with close to 100 visitors/day in established traffic and the files for the old website, although you might want to start over to make it your own. Some kind of gaming forum and/or website.

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