Breakfast at Commons, Interview, and Explore USC

Yesterday, I tripped on the stairs in GFS. Brick floor, and my hands were in my jacket pockets, so I hit the corner of a brick stair with my chin. I have a bruise there, at the bottom of my jaw, but luckily, my mouth wasn’t too far open, and my tongue was not sticking out. So when my jaw was slammed shut from the impact, my tongue was fine. It’s also good that only my chin hit the ground (and knees). If it had been my head or face, that could’ve been worse. I am very fortunate. Thank God. I am never going to walk with my hands in my pockets again, especially on stairs; no matter how cold it is.

This morning I woke up at about 8am. Shortly after my shower, Jon comes into my room and asks if we can print four pages. His Dell laptop computer broke down last night, and I’m letting him use mine. Apparently, he didn’t have printer drivers for his, and my printer works fine, so I went ahead and printed it for him. Glad I could help. Then, at 9am, I went to eat breakfast at Commons, because Shelby IMed me the night before, telling me that’s where we’d be eating.

Only one week left! I’m going to miss these Tuesday and Thursday morning breakfasts. Only Shelby and Emily made it, but they’re awesome. I’m taking Core 103 with Sam next semester. That’ll be somewhat the equivalent of Microeconomics this semester. I hope I’m making the right choice. Core 103 means I won’t be able to take Physics 162 or CS 105. So it better be worth it..
Upon returning from microeconomics class, I had an interview with Dylan and Scott. Scott’s company, VistaConnect, is merging with Dylan’s computer consulting firm. The stuff they’re doing sounds interesting. I might get involved in the summer, but there are many other tempting options competing..

In Physics class, I took advantage of the half-time break to get an Oreo Cookie Shake and a side order of Onion Rings from the on-campus Carls’ Jr.

I didn’t show up for the Explore USC thing today. They sent me an email about it, but the date in the body of the email was wrong. Whoops! I’m too tired and have too much work anyway. Also, I was working on my physics homework, and talking with Zack about USCR. He’s graduating this year, and has an internship with Microsoft lined up for this summer. I’m going to do the USCR website, I hope. I need to do a really good job on it. It’s an amazing club, and I don’t want to dissappoint.

I have two high school friends coming to visit on Sunday. I hope to meet them here, and I hope to help them to make the best decision for their college future! I need to work on my application for Google Summer of Code!

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