Deploying a Ruby on Rails app

Apple makes it sound very easy.

When it comes to deploying the code to the production server, and re-deploying your application with each new release, you’re in for a treat. Capistrano (formerly SwitchTower) is an automated deployment utility that makes deploying Rails applications a breeze. To summarize, after installing Capistrano, deploying a new version of your application to one or more deployment machines is as simple as typing

$ rake deploy

If there’s a problem with that version, you can easily roll back to the previous version by typing

$ rake rollback

When you run a SwitchTower task such as deploy or rollback, it’s run in parallel (and atomically) on all machines that are assigned to that task in the Capistrano recipe file. Think about that: As the number of machines and processes in your deployment environment increases, your deployment procedure remains constant at a single command.

Ruby on Rails on OS X

Textmate looks intriguing, too.

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