Firefox Breaks 10% Market Share

Firefox now has a 10.05% market share, compared with 84.7% for Internet Explorer, according to


Designers must stop designing for Internet Explorer only. Firefox is the way to go. Every webmaster must make his or her sites fully compatible with both browsers. This shouldn’t be too difficult. In third place is Apple’s Safari, which runs only on the latest Apple computers. This is harder to design for because I use a PC running Windows XP. Even Linux users will have a hard time testing under Safari. Hopefully, sites that work in Firefox will also work in Safari, although this isn’t always the case. Depending on the application, it may or may not be worthwhile to design for this third browser. Still, the web is largely dominated by Internet Explorer. That means the security issues that plague the browser and wreak havoc on web servers and other users will continue. Ideally, I’d like to see at least a 50/50 split. Since they currently have a combined 94.75% market share, that means Internet Explorer should drop in market share by about 47.38%, and Firefox increase by the same amount.

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