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I was using 92% of my USC email storage capacity. They only allow 75 MB to be stored. So I downloaded all my email using the latest version of Mozilla Thunderbird (an excellent email client, by the way), and checked my account. Nope, I still have 70 of 75 MB used. I Googled for “usc email remove from server” and found my answer.

Strangely, the options in Thunderbird seem to do nearly the opposite of what they claim. If you have Leave messages on server unselected (the default), the messages are left of the server, at least with USC’s mailserver. To delete messages that you’ve downloaded, you need to check the option, and also select For at most 2 days and Until I delete or move them from Inbox.

This is under Server Settings. I think the terms they use need to be clarified. Anyway, it’s all good now: my USC email account doesn’t have any email in it (what’s the point of the “2 days” part?) and I’m not hitting my usage quota.

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  2. Sam Park says:

    Don’t tell me that website you linked to was actually what gave you your answer. University of South Carolina?

  3. Elliot Lee says:

    Haha. Now I’m embarrassed. I didn’t even care what site it was. Now that you mention it, I have to remove the link.

  4. Bo says:

    You seem like quite the email expert. Could you please help me out? I’m a victim of crap-filled spam through my usc email account. Here’s the story… The first time I logged onto my email account (Freshmen here), I found a load of wierd spam from pharmaceutical companies. Since then, I’ve recieved 6-9 spam from these drug companies. How can I stop it? How could the companies have my email in the first place? Is there a spam option/protection function? Your help is much appreciated. Please reply to my usc email if you know the way.

    Thanks a million,

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