Web 2.0 and what it still needs

I’m just going to summarize on my past hour of web browsing. TechCrunch’s “Companies I’d like to profile (but don’t exist)” has interesting new website ideas for people looking for something to do. Let’s take a look at what progress people are making.
1. Better and Cheaper Online File Storage: box.net
2. Blog/website Email Lists: I couldn’t agree more. Feedblitz makes me sick
3. Portable Reputations: Rapleaf
6. Free Music: recently, I’ve been very impressed with SingingFish. They have something amazing going on there
7. Open Source Yellow Pages: sweet idea
8. Podcast Transcriptions: how are we going to find the podcasters and convince them to pay for this?
9. Decentralized Review Aggregation: yes! I want this! Google doesn’t cut it. Too many commercial sites
10. Build Something Cool with SSE: That’s bidirectional RSS. Nice idea

Rapleaf’s blog: latest post. I’ve decided what Sizzly should be. A competitor for 9rules. Guide on how to get blogged.

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  1. tom575 says:

    more nothing and it is not needed)

  2. x-woman says:

    Build Something Cool with SSE: That’s bidirectional RSS. Nice idea?

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