Weekend at Home

I spent my Saturday mostly playing Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix. Just about the best GameCube game I’ve ever played. It has been discontinued, so we had to pay almost $100 for it. But it was still well worth it, in my opinion. It’s an excellent game. It’s a true DDR experience for the GameCube, and it features classic Mario tunes. That includes Dr. Mario, and even some Donkey Kong. Awesome stuff, and great exercise too. Unfortunately, that means I didn’t get any homework done. I again brought all my stuff home, only to not touch it until Sunday. At least I got my clothes washed, and I got my iPod Socks. They’re awesome, and well worth the almost-$30. It comes to nearly $5 per sock, but considering the quality, style, and color, it’s worth it. I use it for my cell phone now. I wonder if a sock would fit my cell phone. Maybe the guitar tuner too. Speaking of which, I’m going to need to get a 9V battery for it soon.

Last night I went to see Hello, Dolly at Walnut High School. I saw a couple people who recognized me and called me by name: “Elliot!” Most of the extra time was spent talking with Trenton. It has been years since we did anything together, and probably about one year since we’ve talked at all. Amazingly, he remembers me, and thought I was still a student at WHS. Graduation is going to be weird.. and fun.

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