Accepted to SoC 2006

It’s true. My proposal was accepted! Here’s a short excerpt from my application.

I want to work on Atom publishing support for Cosmo because it follows an important trend in Web 2.0-style information sharing. With Atom support, other clients and web applications will be able to effectively access Cosmo via Atom, allowing that data to easily be put to more effective use.

As a Java 2 web application, Cosmo should take advantage of web services to efficiently send and receive calendars and notifications. Atom is a fast alternative to CalDAV, and, eventually, it would allow complete calendar access. Similar to blog feeds with feed readers, it would also allow users to publish and subscribe to calendars, and synchronize between multiple users and devices. For the scope of this project, I want to implement at least basic functionality.

I would like to execute on this particular project because I’m really excited about the possibilities presented by Atom publishing, and connecting calendar and contact sharing with the web. I’m the best individual to do so because I am passionately interested in web development, especially the integration of applications with the Internet for collaboration.

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