E3 2006 Nintendo Press Conference

This is not a proper “end of the school year, start of the summer” post. But it’s sufficiently interesting that maybe someone will want to read it. I saw Nintendo’s 2006 E3 Press Conference, and it’s really cool. They had Sonic and (even more surprisingly, since I’ve only played it as a little-known computer game), Realms of Pangya. Read on if you’re interested. I’ve also linked to the Google Videos I watched. Now I remember why I used to be so excited about N64, Dolphin/GameCube, and GameBoy Color. These are my notes while watching the video…
“Wii will take what’s familiar, and reinvent it.”
27 Wii games tomorrow on the show floor, plus Virtual Console.
Turn wrist to turn handle and open doors, or push *very* hard.
“Wii will make things better.”
DS Lite (I want blue or green version!)
You *are* the Pokemon. Mario vs. Luigi, wirelessly.
Big Brain?
Brain Age
16 million+ DS’s sold.
6 million Nintendogs sold. Nintendo Wifi connection. Easy and free is irresistible! 1.3 million users in about 6 months!
Very impressed. Nintendo has some seriously awesome stuff.
VoIP with Tony Hawk on Nintendo DS, wirelessly with the built-in microphone!
Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for DS. More than 100 new games. I want a blue or green DS lite to play with my sisters. DS’s wireless
Star Fox DS will have Arwing space battles! Always my favorite part of the N64 version! New Super Mario Bros. with Mario vs. Luigi. Yoshi’s Island 2 with new dual-screen levels.
Pokemon Mystery. Speak with 480 Pokemon. This is really an awesome video. It would make a stunning commercial. Watch it online. It’s intense. I’m watching it on GameSpot. Sony and Microsoft will have to copy. Nintendo is doing something way too great. The DS’s two screens become the = sign in playing = believing.
Industry has always done games more gorgeous and more complex. Won’t bring in new gamers!
Core gamers is most important audience.
Pet their puppy with stylus and talk to them with microphone.
Brain Games played by millions who never played a video game before.
Wii breaks down barrier to known gamers. Controller is comfortable to anyone.
Gamers have memories of games they used to play. Virtual Console brings them together again. Simple, intuitive games.
No waiting 30 or 40 seconds for game to load! Don’t get frustrated.
Instantly stop DS by closing or opening the top! “I think I am spoiled. Maybe this has happened to you, too.”
CS gamers find the wait times frustrating! Mass market can’t be expected to sit for that.
Wii console powers up virtual console almost as fast as telephone or television: just a few seconds.
Variety of services even when turned off.
Wii will become the system that does more.
WiiConnect24. Fan not running. Same power as miniature light bulb.
Constantly connected to the Internet. Companies push a new weapon, vehicle, or level to you while you sleep. Animal Crossing.
Console in standby. They might find a friend visited their village and left a message or a gift!
Networking is included in hardware, and developers can add function at any time. System is new every day!
Compete against each other.
WiiSports. Includes tennis, golf, and baseball in one package. Available on launch day!
Intuitive control for new gamer. Serious gamer finds it a surprising way to do something they’ve done many times before. Increasing the people in a household involved in games.
Today there are people who play and people who do not. Destroy this wall between them. Age, gender, game experience – anyone can understand Wii. Wii can provide fresh, new experiences for everyone, everyday.
Miyamoto with announcement of final sweepstakes winner (sweepstakes done with AOL).
I should really look at getting some Nintendo stock!
The video is online at Google Video. There are tons of versions and I don’t know which to pick, but this is one.

Hmm… then I watched the E3 2005 Nintendo Press Conference. Wow, pretty sweet presentation too!
Nintendo is a top 2 game console manufacturer and a top 2 game publisher. Like Apple – hardware and software together!
Exists for the love of the game. Entertainment.
Quite a few parallels between Nintendo and Apple.
PictoChat. Electroplankton?!
Nintendo Revolution presentation last year. 12 cm optical discs. 512 MB Flash memory, plus SD cards. Partners IBM and ATI.

The Nintendo Revolution video from a year ago (E3 2005) is also cool.
I’ve seen this one before though. Less flashes on the screen to mix you up though. Better quality.

Gameplay from new Super Mario Bros. for Wii, I think.
Really cool, too. Graphics look like GameCube.. reminds me of how Nintendo said some Wii games would also be released for GameCube! Like Zelda. Nice of them to do that. I’m sure it’ll result in more game sales.

Old School Revolution
Funny animated video about Nintendo versus other games (PlayStation, XBox, PC). Bill Gates is behind it all. Hilarious ending!

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