Google Accepts 636 for Summer of Code; Makes Error

I submitted this story to Slashdot, but I decided to throw it up here just in case. After all, I’ve never had a story accepted by Slashdot.

Google Accepts 636 for Summer of Code; Makes Error


Google Discussion Forum writes “Google is spending “spending $3,000,000” on Summer of Code 2006, a program in which student developers are paired with mentors to work on Open Source projects during the summer. The final results have now been determined, and 636 slots were allocated. They also made an error: “We sent about 1800 emails that said that people were accepted who in fact were not. We’re very deeply sorry for this. If you recieved two emails, one that said you were accepted and one that you were not, this means you were not. We’re -very- sorry for the confusion. Please refer to the webpage to see which application of yours was rejected if any in fact were. Again, we’re deeply sorry for this.” Official statement by Chris DiBona, Open Source Programs Manager, Google Inc.”

Drupal said that there were a total of 6,297 total applicants to the summer of code. That’s a 10.1% acceptance rate.

October 24, 2007: I still have yet to get a story picked up by Slashdot :)

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