Cosmo works! Feed URLs changed

I finally understand how Cosmo works. Of course, there’s still much to learn, but I have successfully changed the feed URIs from /feed/atom/1.0/elliot/calendar to /feed/elliot/calendar. Yay! That was my first goal that I made for myself. So now it should only be a matter of work and time until I get other feed formats implemented :)

The files I had to change were:

  • \cosmo_trunk\src\webapp\WEB-INF\urlrewrite.xml
  • home/collection.jsp
  • \cosmo_trunk\src\main\java\org\osaf\cosmo\feed\

Of course, I should also remember to set the proper values in:

  • \osaf-server-bundle-0.4-0.2rc1\tomcat\conf\server.xml

And remember that jsp files update automatically, java files require maven -Dmaven.test.skip=true war:inplace, and xml files seem to require a server restart (but I’m not certain about that).

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