Fast fax machines

I didn’t know fax machines could be so fast until I used the one here at JPL. It’s huge, but it’s also really, really fast. Papers go through faster than most laser printers can print. Much faster. It seems to basically scan the pages and then send them, so there’s an “In Use” light that stays on, flashing, even after the faxed paper is given back to me.

It’s my fourth day at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and I finally have everything. It took nearly 3 days to get my computer, 3 days to get a regular badge, and 4 days to get a phone. But now that it’s all set up, I have no excuse to not start working. My cubicle-mate, Erik, says that in past summers, it was extremely hot in here. But now it’s cool, so I’m thankful for that. My manager, Leigh, seems to have a reputation for telling stories. I have yet to hear any of them, but the next time I see him, I’ll ask.

Today for lunch I had “The Californian” sandwich. Turkey with avocado and tomatoes. The bread was great too. Circular shape, don’t know what it’s called. But they toast the sandwich after it’s made, using a toaster that looks like a waffle iron. This makes the top and bottom crunchy. I bought a Naked Juice for a little over $3, making my lunch come out to about $9. I only was able to finish half of it, though, so it could easily cover 2 days’ lunches, maybe even lunch an dinner.

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