Gyration Cordless Air Mouse

JPL has two of these in one of the rooms in the Project Development Center (PDC). It has just the two mouse buttons (not the extra three that the “GO” models seem to have). Surprisingly, it’s only about $44.95 according to Gyration. I played with it for several minutes. It takes some getting used to, of course, but it’s quite accurate and I can see how it could work very well. If the range is good enough, it might be worthwhile to get one of these for church so that presenters can change the slides from the stage, wirelessly. Plus you get cool gyroscope features in case they want to point things out on the screen. It’s a bit more than we actually need, but we might be able to find some other uses for it as well.

By the way, I just noticed the similarity between the two words café and cafeteria. Wow! I realized it after seeing the Red Planet Café referred to as the “167 Cafe” as well as “167 Cafeteria”. Are they exact synonyms? Cafeteria often has a negative connotation; cafe sounds like a smaller, friendlier place.

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