Microsoft Windows Vista Beta 2

I ordered the DVD and it arrived a couple days ago. I’ve installed it on my Dell Inspiron 300m laptop, and it’s working great. I’m quite impressed. I can see this being a success. Internet Explorer still stinks, but it’s far better than it has ever been before. Microsoft recommends 15 GB free, so I gave it a 15 GB partition (exactly), using an amazingly excellent partitioning program called GParted, which runs from Linux on a Live CD. Very cool. I’ve got to admit.. it’s getting better

One of the first things I did, of course..

Downloading Firefox with Google Toolbar.PNG

Firefox seems to work ok on Vista.. I’ve run into a few odd problems. Vista didn’t have my wireless network driver (despite it being Centrino), but when I connected the Ethernet and got on the web, Microsoft Update (formerly Windows Update) snagged the driver from the web.

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  2. Joseph says:

    Were you able to get the built-in SD card reader to work under Vista? I have been unsuccessful so far, but I also did an upgrade from XP Home. Also, have you been able to undock without a BSOD?

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