Practical Jokes

I read Harmless Computer Practical Jokes which I read about on the Langalist. Here are my favorites:

I’ve also bought one of those fart machines and put it behind people’s CPUs. Off and on I’d click the remote to have it make noise. They were so certain that either they had a virus or someone put a joke piece of software in their computer, it takes a while for them to look for the obvious.


One of my tech’s bought a new Alienware laptop and had it sitting on the bench running graphics tests. another tech came in, but a small bowl of water and dry ice behind the corner of the laptop, when the first tech came in and saw smoke comming from his laptop, well, I wish I had a picture!


Here’s a trick I did :
Compose a short email message saying thst you have a strange computer problem in that everything displays upside down. Then screen capture that message and save as a jpg graphic. Use a graphic editor to rotate the graphic 180 degrees. Then send only that inverted graphic inserted in a rich text, (html), email to a few friends.
I did that and got many suggestions to check the registry, replace graphics board, etc., to solve problem. Only 2 guys ‘cottoned on’ to my little trick, 7 others were baffled until I explained what I did. A couple were not amused.

Have fun !


We have a few Strong Bad fans in our office. One evening I took a few minutes to change the logon script so that a half dozen of these fans browser start pages pointed to the following URL…

My favorite 404 error. =)

Nathan Hartley

These ideas are so funny I really shouldn’t give them away without trying them first, but hey, hopefully it made you laugh like it did me.

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