Windows Vista Observations

Following up on my first impressions, here is a list of observations according to beta 2.

  • Notepad’s icon has changed
  • Start button is circular without text
  • Search boxes all over
  • Buttons look widescreen
  • Font smoothing is on by default
  • Internet Explorer 7+ for Vista, 7 for others
    • IE anti-phishing

Microsoft Phishing Filter.PNG

    • IE tabs
  • Paint icon has changed
    • Color palette is on top
    • Save dialog looks different
    • Default save format is PNG (yay, no more BMPs)
  • Windows DVD Maker is new
  • Feels very snappy on my Dell Inspiron 300m, 1.2 GHz Pentium M, 632 MB AM, 15 GB HDD (NTFS Partition for Vista)
  • Windows Sidebar is exactly like Google Desktop Sidebar
    • Especially the random images
  • Windows Vista won’t connect to my wireless network, but it worked on second try (repair)

One Response to “Windows Vista Observations”

  1. Sam says:

    I wish my graphics card had a DVI output so I ClearType would help my eyes last longer.

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