Last several weeks of Summer

I’ll be operating at maximum stress level in hopes of accomplishing more that way. On the other hand, I’m naturally not stressed out enough, and I sit back yawning and just staring at the world around me. So it’s time to buckle down. This summer, I’m doing two major things, each of which could easily be full-time. I’m doing a summer internship at JPL and I’m doing a summer of code project with OSAF. Sometimes I think I should have chosen one, but even today I don’t know which I would choose. Each has its merits, and it’s technically feasible to do both. So what’s coming up for what’s left of summer? This week, I have:

  • Von Karmen Lecture on Exploring Saturn’s Moons
  • Enceladus Team Meeting
  • Speaker Series: Cassini-Huygens
  • CADRe Meeting
  • Stanford University Open House

That’s not bad. Only Enceladus and CADRe require any prior preparation. I have contacts and a book for Enceladus and code to write for CADRe. Next week, I have:

  • USC Book List Release
  • OSAF Presentation Dry Run
  • Speaker Series: Mars– my last
  • Last CADRe Meeting– last
  • Enceladus Presentation
  • OSAF Presentation

Here’s where it gets really ugly. I need to prepare for CADRe, Enceladus, and OSAF. Integration and testing for CADRe, organizing and practicing for Enceladus, and coding and presenting for OSAF. My schedule conflicts here. What can I do? Come home early, go back to JPL late– or take the day off? The Enceladus presentation isn’t really important from what I know, but it’s still nice to do well on it. The OSAF presentation’s importance is unknown, but I really want to do well on that, if I can.

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  1. Sam says:

    Yeah, it’s almost time for school again! I’m am excited.

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