Summer of Code Status Updates

I’ve resolved to write at least once a day about my summer of code project. It’s the least I could do, considering all they’ve done for me. I have a presentation coming up on August 10. I need to talk to bcm about it. I don’t have anything to show yet :( I really need to do something. But what?

  • Created a new user account called “Summer of Code” on my computer so I have all my SoC stuff in a separate place
  • Installed the latest OSAF Server Bundle (they gave me major problems just to get started with, but it seems that the problem is just a missing temp directory)
    • It seems like Tomcat should at least be smart enough to create the directory itself, but it doesn’t
    • Bear said he would check into fixing this (remind him Monday)
  • I need to make sure the Sandbox is still working and I can play with Cosmo there

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