vBulletin Spam

The “Contact Us” form in vBulletin is highly susceptible to spamming. I’ve received 100% spam from it– no legitimate emails. 32 spam emails so far.. the forum is inactive anyway, so I’m shutting it down.

Update (8/20/2007): Did a Google search for vBulletin Spam and this post came up 4th. Unfortunately, I still get lots of spam on my vBulletin forum. This is very hard to combat.

2 Responses to “vBulletin Spam”

  1. Rod says:

    vBulletin options > Site Name / URL / Contact Details > Allow Unregistered Users to use ‘Contact Us’ = Yes, but Verify Image


  2. MMorpgMMo says:

    Vbulleting is geting serious problems to stop the spam, Im planing to migrate to other systems, any recomendation? PhPbb or U.S.E.bb?
    I need a solid board for my mmo site.
    ty, sorry for my english

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