GPS to Work

There was surprisingly little traffic this morning. I drove about 33 miles at an average 42 miles per hour, completing the trip in about 47 minutes.

If I get sleepy, I’ll go out and walk around, marking waypoints on the GPS. That probably won’t happen though, since I’m so busy these days.

I’ll use the GPS on the way home so it’ll point the direction for me, as well as measure other useful statistics. For instance–

Trip Odom: 33.4 mi
Moving Time: 53 min 48 sec
Stopped: 2 min 59 sec
Odometer: 45.39 mi
Max Speed: 82.3 mi/hr
Moving Avg: 37.3 mi/hr
Overall Avg: 35.3 mi/hr

This includes the time walking from the East parking lot to my office building.

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