Nintendo Wii Problems

I have a GameCube, and we have an orange controller whose C-stick no longer works (and makes some games unplayable because it’s stuck in one position), and another whose analog stick is starting to wear out (can’t tap it right twice– the spring or sensor is stuck). I was just thinking: how practical can the Nintendo Wii be?

Its controller has a gyroscope in it. I don’t know how sensitive those are, but would it still work if thrown?

If it hit the ground and was run over by a pick-up truck?

Nintendo consoles are used by families, by kids, by people who need durable hardware. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind buying a new controller if I broke the old one. But how much will it cost? With the advanced electronics and wireless technology, it sounds like the Wii controller would cost nearly 100! Surely Nintendo’s magic will work that price down a bit. And hopefully the control is still as tight as always. Gameplay depends tremendously on how sensitive and responsive the controller is. If you can’t control your character, any game is just no fun at all. Might as well not play. Everything depends on a perfect control experience. What other consoles do you use, and what controllers do they have?

PlayStation 2, XBox 360, PS3?

What will the Wii deliver?

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  1. Tone says:

    “Its controller has a gyroscope in it. I don�t know how sensitive those are, but would it still work if thrown? If it hit the ground and was run over by a pick-up truck?”

    Dude anything electronic that is over 200 bucks shouldn’t be dropped or “run over by a pick-up truck”. Are you retarded? Any electronic for that matter should never be run over by a truck. I think this article was made to criticize the Nintendo Wii in the dumbest ways. Next time you’re gonna tell the faults of a video game console, at least make them legit reasons not to get them. It’s like saying this system is no good because if a nuke was dropped on it it would break… come on now…

  2. Elliot Lee says:

    Good point, Tone. This article was just me thinking out loud. After seeing the Wii for myself, I think it’s probably one of the most durable electronics out there. And yes, it’s not necessary for it to survive a nuke :) See article, full hands-on with the Wii.

  3. Adan says:

    Hi everyone.
    With the launch of the Nintendo Wii just around the corner, will you purchase one?
    If so, what are you most looking forward to about the system?

  4. P. Erson says:

    but the wiimote only costs 30 quid. confused :S

  5. Troy says:

    I try to play my game but the light on the wii remote is not on, even when i turn it on and it dosen’t have a aroow show up on the screen, I try baiing it, restarting, even the change of batteries but nothing works so help me

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