Remove Language Bar

With Windows XP Pro, the “Language Bar” always appears in your taskbar on startup. To disable it, go to the Control Panel -> Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options -> Regional and Language Options -> Languages tab -> Details… -> Language Bar… -> Uncheck the box that says “Show the Language bar on the desktop”.

34 Responses to “Remove Language Bar”

  1. Andy says:

    Thank you for your help…this bar was annoying me for a long time

  2. Ice says:

    Thanks! Really annoying having to close it every time the PC started.

  3. martin says:

    Thanks a million !!!! The language bar was really bugging me !!

  4. Ravish says:

    Thanks a lot. I hate having this useless icon on the task bar, but couldn’t, for a long time, figure out how to disable it.

  5. Bhavye Singh says:


  6. Amit says:

    Thanks a lot…

  7. Raghav says:

    Thanks a lottt…

    Advanced Happy New Year!

  8. Homer says:

    Much thanks!

  9. T. D. says:

    Thanks, man! That was really bugging me.

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