Soy Chicken Stir Fry

Yesterday I went to EVK for dinner, my first time for this school year. It’s exactly as I remember. The food tastes exactly the same, right down to the tomato sauce on the pizzas, which tastes like it came straight out of the can. They did have one interesting dish: soy chicken stir fry. I decided to try it. It was pretty good. I remember that at some point last year, they had a soy meats survey where we tried lots of different “meats” made of soy. Now they’ve decided to serve soy chicken stir fry. I had it with rice (noodles also available). Reasonably good. During dinner, I talked with someone named Neil who lives in New/North. He tried the marching band, but decided to drop out due to the huge time commitment.
This school year is different, but still the same. The freshmen are amazingly cool, and many of them are super-interested in the free In-N-Out event that TCF is hosting tomorrow. Many people have never had In-N-Out yet. There’s an amazing variety of experiences. One might think that “most” people have heard of In-N-Out. Nope– it feels more like 50%. One might think that hardly anyone has heard of InterVarsity. Nope– I talked to someone who actually told me he wanted to get involved with IV, even before I mentioned it. Others think I meant “Intramural” as in sports. Every person is totally different. Almost every possible personality I can think of exists here at USC– at both ends of any spectrum.

They repainted Marks Hall and changed out the carpet in the hallway (a much-needed refresher– I remember stains on it last year) and they repainted the “USC” logo upstairs (why isn’t there one on the 2nd floor)?

I’m really impressed with the work-order fulfillment guys with Trojan Housing. They speak Spanish but are friendly and easy to work with. They came to my room for 2 of my 3 work orders: change the window screen (now done) and fix my desk (replaced with a different one). I had just wiped off the old one, too. Oh well, maybe it will be fixed and put to good use somewhere else. I wonder who used this desk before me.

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