Today was super-packed. In addition to Mark Lucovsky talking at USC, I also ran around all day doing things like going to class, doing homework, going to Math 226 SI (Supplemental Instruction), and doing the bulletins for HEAT. I also did a lot of work on the TCF website. It has been a very rewarding experience for me because I’ve gotten to talk to people who directly use the website on a near-daily basis. Plus, it’s something I’m good at so I can really give back to the TCF community. It’s not the most popular site I’ve run, as Invision Plus is larger by far. But it is quite a nice site, and I like to work on it.

People are very impressed by my work, and of course, that makes me very glad. I hope I can live up their expectations, though, and that it will mean something significant in the long term.

Tonight they had an amazing speaker who was very engaging and quite relevant. He talked about disappointment and failure, which is something that we can handle differently than the rest of our culture does.

Long story short, at the end I talked with Steve and he gave me some advice on how to start doing QTs, and to get an accountability partner. Maybe I will look into discipleship also, but the major concern is how much time I’ll have. There are always so many things to do, and class seems to take up a lot more time than it ever did in the past. Which is probably the case because I am doing 18 serious units this time (no easy Freshman Seminar, Guitar, or Tennis; and no super-short classes like Core 111).

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