When you get sick, don’t take medicine

Much of it is a marketing gimmick by the drug companies. The other part is that they cover up the symptoms. You get temporary relief, but not a cure. You’ll get better faster if you just drink more water and sleep more. This is especially true for colds and flus.

I was reading comments on a post about a change in DayQuil/NyQuil’s formula. This is particularly relevant because my roommate is sick. He’s taking lots of NyQuil, though. I haven’t had the certainty or courage to tell him not to, though. I think he sleeps enough, although he could probably drink more.

As far as the comments on the linked post, I agree with those who agree that cold medicine doesn’t help you get better. It suppresses or covers up the symptoms. This is also what my parents have told me, and it seems to be true. I’m not sick now, but if I do get sick, hopefully I’ll remember this.

A lot of people are getting sick around finals time, and a lot of them are taking medicine. Often a bad idea. And it’s true: they seem to stay sick for a while.

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  1. katy says:

    There are times when I recommend medication for flu and colds: 1. fever. If the fever escalates, there could be complications such as seizures. 2. sinus congestion. Infection could follow if the stuff there is stuck there too long. 3. cough. Continuous coughing could lead to bronchitis, asthma, etc.

    So it is not always bad to suppress the symptoms because the intensity of the symtoms could lead to further issues. I am against taking medication to suppress symptoms so you can go party when your body is trying to tell you to rest.

    Ok, I am not a doctor, but mothers have a lot of common sense.
    BTW, you should clarify that when you say drink more, you mean drink water…

  2. Elliot Lee says:

    Good point. My roommate doesn’t have a fever. That would be a different situation.

    Post updated with water.

  3. James Ellette says:

    I will not take medicine. The only time I have taken any form of medicine in the last 8 years was out of my control. My carpal tunnel syndrom had gotton so bad that i had to have surgery. They gave me a general. Afterwards i took no pain pills, which the doctors agreed help me heal faster because i wasn’t masking the pain and was able to tell my limitations. I have made it through formaldehyde poisoning, flu’s, and a recluse bite all without a drop of meds! I feel my mind and body know there is no external help on the way and heals itself. I will also add:
    1. The farther i get from the moment that i stopped taking medication, the less i catch the common cold and flu. My immune system is much stronger now that it has to do the work itself.
    2. I am a husband and father of 3. Though I do not approve of taking medications, I do not impose my will upon the rest of the family. They are free to make their own choices.

  4. how does bronchitis lungs look?

  5. ang says:

    I think it is true. When I’m sick I don’t take medicine. I let my body respond and knock me down as many days as needed. Because that means that my body is doing its job. When I took medicine before it seems to still leave me with horrible symptoms of being sick. So I thought, what’s the point? If I still feel like crap!. At that I was sick longer. But everybody is different. So suit your self, in other words, do what you think is best for you and your health.

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