CoreFTP and X-Win32

Yesterday I helped Jenny Zha submit her CSCI 101 homework. Most people do not understand FTP and SSH. Here at USC, we use CoreFTP for file transfers, but it’s actually over SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), which works the same way as FTP.

She had written her homework using Notepad, so in order to use the Unix submit program, we had to transfer the file to her account on the USC student server and then submit it from X-Win32. X-Win is basically an SSH terminal; PuTTY could also be used, but X-Win seems to be what’s officially used. I guess it offers more features or something.

The computer science courses at USC are lacking at teaching basic research and learning techniques. Some people don’t know how to find things out on their own, especially if they don’t have a place to start. Fortunately, I happen to have experience only because I’ve done a lot of web stuff which as required working with Linux webservers. Few students, even CS ones, could say the same.
The server responded that we submitted the homework successfully. I hope it worked out.

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