Take screenshot of Windows Media Player

If you have Windows Media Player 9 or 10, and you’re playing MPEG or MPEG2 content, just press CTRL + i  to save a capture of the screen. Alternatively, you can drag Video Acceleration down to None. mvps.org

Kakashi and friends.jpg

Tonight, we were watching Naruto, and I finished all 75 episodes which my friend gave me to me. In episode 72, there’s a really cute scene including the Fourth, Kakashi, and a guy who looks like the Chuunin examiner. Above, the screenshot I took, in a smaller resized version.
Well, I just looked at Wikipedia, and it turns out that the four people are the Fourth Hokage, Rin, Obito Uchiha and Kakashi. They also have the exact screenshot I took, so I didn’t even need to take it. Bah, Wikipedia has everything.

6 Responses to “Take screenshot of Windows Media Player”

  1. Sasuke luver101 says:

    OMG! Kakashi still has that mask on 101 is my fav episode!

  2. harrison says:

    muito show eu fan do kakashi

  3. Becki says:

    Aaaw he wore that mask even when he was so young…
    I’ll bet he was born in it XD

  4. ohi says:

    im on ep 100 and about to see kakashis face
    wen a frend told me kakashi dies i was so annoyed. him and minato ar the most legendary characters ive seen so far

  5. may says:

    im on ep 175!! it is fantastic and kakashi does not die he almost does but not qwite and he looks soo cute in that mask as a youngn !!!! xoxo may xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. ohi says:

    ye ep 101 is a very funny ep

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